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(Last Updated: 12 April 2012)


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It might also interest you to know that my books are translated into dozens of different languages—Malay, French, Fijian, Japanese, Indian, Finnish, Icelandic, Greek, all kinds—and yet, although my characters are typically British children, with the British ideals of fair play, loyalty, generosity and so on, all these nations love my books, and clamour for them. The one that clamours most, oddly enough, is Germany. Even the adults read them there—I’d love to be told why and how this should be—perhaps you can enlighten me!

Excerpt of a letter written by Enid Blyton to Peter McKellar on 15 February 1953. Source: Enid Blyton—The Biography, by Barbara Stoney, p. 199. (Tempus, 2006)


As Enid Blyton herself was well aware, her books have been translated into many languages and been just as popular in translation as they were in their original language. And as she also noted in her fascinating correspondence with Peter McKellar, Germany was one of the countries that fell in love with her books the most, outside the United Kingdom. So it perhaps not a great surprise that Germany leads the way in the creation of Blyton continuation novels, although France is not far behind with the Famous Five and Secret Seven books of Claude Voilier and Evelyne Lallemand respectively. This part of the site will cover all Blyton continuation novels written after her death. It is divided into four main sub-sections: Mystery/Adventure, School Stories, Fantasy and Family. For the time being, I will only list novels and not other things such as comics or radio plays, but I may include those at a later time. No other site that I know of has complete coverage of the Blyton continuation series, but I hope to make this site the primary source for those interested in the many books that feature Enid Blyton characters but that were written not by Blyton, but by other authors in the decades following her demise.


Much of the information in this section (concerning English-language continuation novels especially) has been sourced from the Enid Blyton Society Web site, and in particular the Continuation Books section of their Cave of Books area. Here you will find scans of all the different covers, so it is well worth a visit. Other info sources include Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, plus Wikipedia.


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