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(Last Updated: 23 August 2010)


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One of Enid Blyton’s most iconic characters—and also one of the most controversial—is Noddy, the little nodding man who lives in a world of toys. When people think of Enid Blyton, Noddy is one of the first characters to spring to mind. In fact, Noddy is probably the name most closely associated with Enid Blyton, apart from the Famous Five. (A personal note: my first-ever Enid Blyton book was ABC with Noddy, so he played quite a big part in my learning the alphabet.) He seems to be loved and hated in fairly equal measure. Enid’s fans and detractors alike often cite Noddy to justify their respective positions. The Noddy series has probably been the most extensively revised of any of her series, as Golliwogs were replaced with goblins and so on. (With recent efforts by Hodder however, the Famous Five series may soon rival the Noddy one for heavy revision.)


Not counting the many revisions and spin-offs, there were 24 books in the original “Noddy Library” series. And in late 2009, a 25th volume was released to celebrate Noddy’s 60th anniversary. See details below.


No.: 25

Title: Noddy and the Farmyard Muddle

Author: Sophie Smallwood (Enid Blyton’s granddaughter; she is the daughter of Enid’s younger daughter, Imogen Smallwood)

Illustrator: Robert Tyndall (the Noddy illustrator since 1953; he took over from Van der Beek)

Year of First Publication: 2009



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