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(Last Updated: 27 August 2008)


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The “family” genre of Enid Blyton’s oeuvre consists mainly of one-off novels about some family or other, usually dealing with assorted moral and social issues, although occasionally delving into some mystery and adventure. However, there are a few series like the Family at Red Roofs and suchlike. Like the Young Adventurers or Tina & Tini, the “Fabulous Four” is a “manufactured” series in which a group of one-off novels have been edited to include a new set of characters and combined into a single series. There are five “Fabulous Four” books, all of which were edited by Jenny Cooke and published in 2000 by Harper Collins.


No.: 1

Title: Four in a Family

Original Story First Published: 1956


No.: 2

Title: The Very Big Secret

Original Story First Published: 1952


No.: 3

Title: The Birthday Kitten

Original Story First Published: 1958


No.: 4

Title: The Four Cousins

Original Story First Published: 1961


No.: 5

Title: The Hidey-Hole

Original Story First Published: 1964



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