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(Last Updated: 27 August 2008)


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The Adventure series originally comprised eight novels, and contains some of Enid Blytonís most intricate plots. It was aimed more at older readers (pre-teens or possibly even early teens, right at the top end of Blytonís usual target market). In the 1990s, there was a TV series based on the Adventure books, and from this series were spawned eight novelisations. All but one of these novelisations have the same title as their original counterpart. They are nonetheless entirely new stories and written by various British authors. A full list of these TV novelisations is given below. Incidentally, they were all published by HarperCollins in 1997, and none of them are illustrated.


No.: 1

Title: The Island of Adventure

Author: Hugh Morgan


No.: 2

Title: The Woods of Adventure

Author: Helen Wire

Remarks: This is the story with the altered title. The Blyton original was called The Castle of Adventure.


No.: 3

Title: The Valley of Adventure

Author: Andrew Donkin


No.: 4

Title: The Sea of Adventure

Author: Unknown

Remarks: According to a review on Amazon UK, this book has a distinctly New Zealand flavour, with the characters going to New Zealand rather than Scotland for their holiday, and old Maori history featuring in the book! (Come to think of it, I think the Adventure TV series was filmed in NZ.)


No.: 5

Title: The Mountain of Adventure

Author: Alexandra Parsons


No.: 6

Title: The Ship of Adventure

Author: Alice McCann


No.: 7

Title: The Circus of Adventure

Author: Nigel Robinson


No.: 8

Title: The River of Adventure

Author: Nigel Robinson



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