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(Last Updated: 15 August 2007)


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The Barney Mysteries, also sometimes known as the “R” Mysteries, was a series of six books published between 1949 and 1959. Each book includes a word starting with R in the title (e.g. The Rockingdown Mystery, The Rilloby Fair Mystery etc.).


Two Barney mystery continuation novels exist in Germany. (The German version of the Barney mysteries deals with the “R” component by using the word Rätsel, or “riddle” in every title). One of these is not really a continuation novel at all, but a translation and adaptation of The Mystery That Never Was, one of Enid Blyton’s one-off novels. The other was an original work by Brigitte Blobel that masqueraded as a translation and was quickly taken out of print. Anyway, here are the two additional Barney mystery series books in German:



No: 7

Title: Rätsel um den tiefen Keller (Literal Translation: Riddle of the Deep Basement)

Author/Translator: Ilse Winkler-Hoffmann

Original English Title: The Mystery That Never Was

Year of First Publication: Mid-1960s


No.: 8

Title: Rätsel um die Falschmünzer (Literal Translation: Riddle of the Counterfeiters)

Author: Brigitte Blobel

Year of First Publication: 1977

NB: An unofficial translation of this book, entitled The Rumlington Mystery, can be found in the Files section of the Fans of Enid Blyton Yahoo group.



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