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(Last Updated: 15 August 2007)


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This is your page. Here, I will publish any feedback that you care to send me and donít mind my making public. But if you want your feedback to be just between you and me, I will certainly respect your wishes. Tell me what you like about the site, and what you donít like. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What could be improved upon? What additional features would you like to see? Conversely, are there any sections of the site you think I should get rid of?


Iím also interested in your views about various Enid Blyton continuation novels. Have you read any of the Voilier or Lallemand titles? Did you enjoy them, or feel that they were not a patch on the originals? Would you like to see more translations of foreign continuation novels, whether they be mystery/adventure ones or school stories? Do you agree with Chorionís current stance about such translations?


If you have joined the Fans of Enid Blyton Yahoo group and read my translation of Les Cinq et le rubis díAkbar, what did you think of it? Did it read well? Were there any awkward bits? What did you think of the actual story? Would you buy it if it could be published? Or do you think that the entire Claude Voilier Famous Five series should be consigned to the dustbin of history forever, and question my sanity for attempting to inflict more of her stories upon English-speaking readers?


Iíd also like to hear from any experts in copyright and intellectual property law. How can I possibly publish my translation legally? What are absolute, definite no-nos? I will keep any advice on legal matters confidential, unless you think it would be in the public interest for me to disclose it.


E-mail your opinions about this site, Enid Blyton continuation novels, intellectual property and copyright in translation, and anything else you think might be of relevance and interest to All opinions, whether positive or negative, are welcome, but at all times, please try to be constructive. Basically, anything will do except for outright abuse. You can even correct me about my spelling and grammar. Iím quite pedantic myself and try to write as correctly as possible. Too many mistakes look unprofessional. So if you spot a howler anywhere on the site, do alert me to it so I can fix it! I look forward to hearing from you.


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