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(Enid Blyton Continuation Novels)


(Last Updated: 12 April 2012)


The Famous Five and Secret Seven are among many wonderful and well-loved children’s series created by Enid Blyton.  But what about those other books that feature the Famous Five and Secret Seven, but which Blyton didn’t write? You may have seen them in bookshops in the 1980s or 1990s. You might still come across them today in second-hand bookshops or online auction sites like eBay. They look pretty much like any other Famous Five or Secret Seven books, but when you open them up, you discover that they were not written by Enid Blyton at all, but by Claude Voilier or Evelyne Lallemand, and translated by Anthea Bell. Where do these books fit in to the Famous Five and Secret Seven canon, and should they even be considered as canonical at all? Are there other books out there that have never even been translated and published in English? Well, yes there are! And not just Famous Five and Secret Seven books either! There is a whole host of Malory Towers and St. Clare’s books written in German, but never translated into Enid Blyton’s own language of English or published in the English-speaking world. This site examines these foreign works featuring Enid Blyton characters but not written by Blyton and attempts to make some sense of it all. English-language continuation novels such as the Naughtiest Girl ones by Anne Digby and spinoff series like Sue Welford’s Just George books are also covered here. So come join the Famous Five, Secret Seven et al. in some smashing adventures  at home and abroad!


If you’re in the UK, be sure to check out the Famous Five Adventure Trail 2012 run by Viv Endecott of the famous Ginger Pop shop, devoted to all things Enid Blyton. This has been created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Famous Five and will run from Jubilee weekend in June until November.


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