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(Last Updated: 12 April 2012)


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Every good Web site needs a page that provides links to similar sites of interest. Please understand that I am not responsible for the content of any of these sites (other than the ones I have created myself). If you find a broken link, please e-mail me and I’ll get on to it.


General Official and Unofficial Enid Blyton Sites


Chorion PLC


The company in charge of all brands, rights and so forth pertaining to Enid Blyton (although this won’t be for much longer).


Famous 5 on the Case


The official Web site for the new cartoon series. Actually kind of cool, with character profiles, a game, videos and downloads, plus it contains excerpts from the new Famous Five quasi-continuation novel, The Famous Five’s Survival Guide.


Enid Blyton Society


If you only visit one Enid Blyton Web site in your life (other than the present one, of course!), make sure this is the one. It’s packed to the gunnels with information, and as a reference source is second to none. Be sure to check the “Cave of Books” in particular, which now has a section devoted to continuation novels. The forums are also a rich source of information and a vehicle for lively and stimulating discussion.




Another absolute must-see for any Blyton aficionado. As the site creator proclaims, it contains lashings of information about Enid Blyton and her works. You can find lots of detailed reviews of various books, and other interesting articles. Be sure too to check out the visitor messages, which can often be very interesting and informative.


Ginger Pop


A very special shop in Poole and Corfe Castle, in Dorset, devoted to all things Enid Blyton. Not only that, but every year they put on special events for Enid Blyton fans, and this year is the very special Famous Five Adventure Trail 2012. So be sure to check that out!


Heather’s Enid Blyton Pages


Very comprehensive site once again, created by one of Australia’s foremost Enid Blyton experts. Includes an extraordinarily wide and diverse collection of Blyton-related links. Once again, it’s simply not to be missed.


An Unofficial Enid Blyton Homepage


Although it hasn’t been updated for a while, this site is still well worth a visit, with lots of interesting information.


Michael Edwards’ Enid Blyton Page


Another Australian-based site, and very informative at that.



Sites About Blyton Continuation Novels


Le Club des Cinq


I’m afraid that this site is entirely in French, but it is one of the best sources of information I have found on Claude Voilier and her Famous Five continuation novels. It also has an excellent overview of the French translations of Enid Blyton’s original 21 FF books. A special treat is MP3 files of the 1978 and 1996 Famous Five TV series theme songs.


Livres d’Enfants


Many interesting pages here about Enid Blyton, with some English content. Unfortunately, there’s actually not much about Claude Voilier’s continuation novels, which the site author hates. Still, it’s a veritable mine of information about the French translations, and if you read some of the articles, you will gain a better understanding of the differences between the French and English versions of the Famous Five books.


Fünf Freunde Fanpage


Extremely comprehensive and informative site in German. Contains much information about the Famous Five, and there is a little bit of English content. The FF information includes mention of the two “phantom books” by Brigitte Blobel, with scans of the covers. The site also covers other series and one or two continuation novels. Unfortunately, the latest continuation novels by Sarah Bosse are not mentioned here.


Malory Towers


A site with some coverage of the German Malory Towers continuation novels. As the site says of itself, it’s “all about the books that Enid Blyton wrote … and those she didn’t”.



Discussion Groups


Fans of Enid Blyton


A moderated Yahoo group for discussing all things Enid Blyton. This is where you can find my  complete translations of Les Cinq et le rubis d’Akbar, Les Sept saluent Lucky Star and Fünf Freunde und das geheimnisvolle Schneemensch.


Livres d’Enfants Forum


A French-language discussion forum about Enid Blyton and other children’s authors. Click here for a particularly fascinating thread about Claude Voilier’s books, which includes reviews of several titles and plenty of robust discussion!



Continuation Novel Authors


Sarah Bosse


The official Web site for Sarah Bosse, author of 10 new Famous Five continuation novels (and presumably of the two new ones due to be published), and a St. Clare’s continuation novel. In German only.


Narinder Dhami

The official Web site of the author who gave us Bend It Like Beckham. More pertinently for visitors to the present site, she is also the author of the new Wishing-Chair novels.


Andrew Donkin


The official site of one of the authors who wrote the Adventure series TV novelisations. Unfortunately, the book Mr Donkin wrote for that series is not mentioned on his site, but there are a few fun games and information about his science fiction series.


Brigitte Endres


The home page for the author of the very latest St. Clare’s continuation novel. Once again, it’s only in German.


Sue Welford


A good page on the Fantastic Fiction site that provides an overview of all Sue’s books, including the Just George series.



Translation Web Sites




Simply the best site for freelance translators. Includes a superb open glossary that is being added to all the time. One of my favourite features of the site is the KudoZ question-and-answer service (you need to be a member to take full advantage of it).


Translation Journal


An online journal with lots of excellent articles covering all aspects of translation, including literary translation.




My favourite online German-English dictionary.


Another useful online dictionary that covers French, Italian and Spanish.



My Other Sites


The Four Sherlocks Mystery Series


This is my Lulu store, where you can buy copies of the first two books in my Four Sherlocks series. (A third instalment is currently in progress.) It’s my own attempt at a mystery-adventure series. Currently available are The Mystery of the Smuggled Watches and The Field Trip Mystery. Paperbacks cost a little bit (largely out of my control), but PDF downloads are only US$1.99 each. If you buy The Mystery of the Smuggled Watches, please get the third edition, as that has been tidied up and the plot updated in several places.


My Twitter Page


I don’t do an awful lot of tweeting, to be honest, but all the same, if you want to “follow” me, the above link is the place to go.


NZ Yowie Collectors’ Site


The first Web site I ever created, way back in December 1998. It was about Cadbury Yowies, a collectable that was available in Australia and New Zealand (there was also a UK version for a couple of years) from 1997 to 2005. NB: As of 20 September 2009, the site has closed and only the main page is left.


NZ Kinder Surprise Collectors’ Site


My second oldest site (launched in March 1999), this is my biggest Web site and the one I update most often. Everything you always wanted to know about Kinder Surprises, but were afraid to ask, can be found here.


The Mondo Museum


Devoted to another collectable that was only ever available Down Under, and lamentably short-lived.



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