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(Last Updated: 27 August 2008)


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This is where I announce any plans that I may have for the creation of new sections or the expansion of existing pages.


To begin with, there will at some stage be pictures on the site! Right now, itís, er, a tad text-heavy. To be precise, it has 100% text and 0% pictures. This really wonít do, but soon (well, soonish) there will be some pictures. In particular, I would like to put up scans of covers to show different formats and so forth. I might also try to put up pictures of some of the different authors and translators featured in the Whoís Who section. So the complete lack of graphic content will be redressed one of these days, I promise!


You might also be interested to know that I am seriously contemplating publishing my entire translation of Les Cinq et le rubis díAkbar online! While Iím still wary of issues pertaining to piracy and so on, I really donít see what harm the presence of an unofficial translation will do given that Chorion has no intention of having an official one published. However, it will be a while yet before this occurs (if it ever does), because apart from potential legal problems, I really need to revise it a little more, and that will of course take time. It will also take a little while to physically put the translation on the site. So donít hold your breath for it, but at the same time, you never know your luck!


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