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The Seven and the Rock Star


A Translation by Rowan Morrell of


Les Sept saluent Lucky Star


By Evelyne Lallemand



Original French Text © Hachette 1992, 1994


English Translation © Rowan Morrell 2009


The Secret Seven is a registered trademark of Enid Blyton Limited, a company of Chorion PLC.



1. Practice Makes Perfect ***READ THE FIRST CHAPTER ONLINE!***


2. “What a peculiar chap!”


3. The Surprise Guest Star


4. Artists’ Exit


5. Not So Lucky


6. The Ransom


7. A Big Lie


8. Valuable Banknotes


9. A Horrid Quarter of an Hour


10. An Unscrupulous Waiter


11. Renewed Hope


12. Behind the Waterfall


13. The Concert of the Century


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