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The Famous Five and the Ruby of Akbar


A Translation by Rowan Morrell of


Les Cinq et le rubis d’Akbar


By Claude Voilier



Original French Text © Hachette 1980


English Translation © Rowan Morrell 2007


The Famous Five is a registered trademark of Enid Blyton Limited, a company of Chorion PLC.





1. Arrival in India ***READ THE FIRST CHAPTER ONLINE!***


2. The man in the orange turban


3. George astonishes her cousins


4. A sinister snake charmer


5. Monkey business


6. Shiv reveals his secret


7. Runaway elephant!


8. The city of Akbar


9. Timmy gives chase


10. An inside job?


11. Durga’s confession


12. Omar


13. A new plan


14. Fire!


15. The end of an unforgettable adventure


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